Electric ppg transport

Not directly related to the X4😄 but check out the end of my video. The same system will work for my SP-140

Phil - www.supair-usa.com

That should work. Nicely packaged!
There was a party on the paramotor Facebook group the other day asking ppl to show off their ppg hauling rigs. Nothing like this! :grin:

Hi Grejen,
I already though of a new way to minimize the wing area which by the way is a modified front loading bicycle cart that can now be clipped on in two seconds on the inner side of the handlebar. It will make it even easier to pedal.
The bike completely folds and goes inside my car. I place the X4 fully assembled (except for the battery) on my rear car rack. So it is a pretty friendly setup.:smiley: I will hopefully try it for real at the beach. It’s been windy for PPG-ing lately.

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Is your car also electric? That’d be the cat’s pajamas!
I’ve seen a Model S with a pair of electric dirt bikes on a trailer. I don’t think they had the Tesla setup to charge the bike batteries though.

Planning on getting one in 2022. Subaru😆


I had not heard that Subaru was planning an ev. Doesn’t surprise me though.

I’m planning on a “Y” once the Texas factory comes online. It would be great if I could charge my SP140 battery with it, but I don’t think the 12V accessory port is but 15A. Maybe by the time I get it, someone will have come up with a “work around”. :crossed_fingers:

I have a Model Y but if you’re waiting for the TX factory just get a cybertruck which will have a 110v outlet.

With a 12v outlet at 15A ~150W it would take only about 27 hours to fully charge the larger 4kw battery :grimacing:

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If I remember right the model y has a 350 volt system. So finding the components to step that down to 100v AC would be pretty hard.

I would imagine that it has a higher current ~12v system somewhere in the car for powering lights, computer systems, window, doors, and everything else running at a lower voltage in the car. I believe that it could be possible to tap into this system to get a bit more power, but I’m not sure realistically how many amps you could actually pull from it. I would imagine anywhere from 15 to 30 amps if nothing else in the car is drawing power