Electric Buzzard 17

A few days ago on Long Island. I hope you will enjoy the vid. BTW., I made more flights than this “17th” numbered cruise. I do not edit a video each time I fly my Batch-2. To say that overall, besides a few quacks her and there, I am pretty happy with it. Took me a while to have the routine dialed in (harness, comfort level, the throttle, knowing when what, how, etc…). I busted a few props along the way, not due to pilot error but rather hardware failures (no crashes😆). Fixed them along the way and learned enough to know what and where are the potential weak points - details, little things here and there that would make my life easier. It is a fun adventure I have to say. 20mn airtime for each flight, more if I fly a ridge at the north shore when natural lift can help.

Can’t wait to put my claws on the SP-140 and compare it to the X4 flying the same locations.