Drive system electronics concept


Firstly, Lovely design for the paramotor - really great, I want one (I am a customer!)
For your control system, you have a number of Lithium batteries (with internal voltage/temperature sensors?), a flight controller (which is connecting pilot wish from the throttle and battery health to a command signal to the ESCs), and which other systems? I am wondering how much feedback the flight controller has regarding motor and ESC performance, and which safety features are present between the throttle and the flight controller (twin track potentiometers, CAN link etc?)
Regarding the motors, some of DIY suggestions (Not the ones in your kit!) show motors that have ‘pull’ type bearings, so they are not suitable for being used for push type props - is this a generally understood point?


I can comment on some of the sensing on the electrical side. The ESCs have a digital RPM output - we will be feeding that back to the FC. This can be used for detecting various modes of failure. No other performance info unfortunately.

On the battery side, we’ll likely only be tracking cell voltage, which is a good indicator of cell health. Temperature is a hard one to measure, especially to ensure every cell is covered.

Regarding link from the throttle to FC, it will probably be PWM. So there will be logic in the throttle to ensure potentiometer readings are good. The FC will also need to filter PWMs and watch for step function changes, etc


Thanks for the reply!

Do you have any indication of the physical size of the motor drives, voltage range, maximum frequency and maximum phase current? We may be able to help with getting you all of the feedback that you will need!