Description of supply chain?

I placed an order for Batch 3 knowing full well it was expected to ship March at the earliest; yet, I find myself obsessively checking for updates on the status :laughing:

I’ve looked through the forum and see that there are some writeups about specifics delays that previous batches have gone through; however, I fail to find any post describing the overall process that the units require.

Would @Pdwhite or @zjwhitehead be willing to provide a succinct description of the supply chain that the units go through (I’m not sure if this is proprietary information)? I think understanding the physical bottlenecks would help put my mind at ease: right now I just see a black box and my brain persists: “why not now?”

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I too would be interested in understanding this more. I’m considering ordering one, but its a lot of money to have tied up for an unknown number of months on backorder.

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Which year are we talking about? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was in the loop for the SP140 Batch 1 and canceled my order after about 9 month of waiting. Paul did refund my cash quickly. In the end I still bought the SP140 and would probably do it again.

You might need quite a bit of patience.
I hope it is better now, but it still takes ages to get stuff delivered (like a battery), especially outside of the US.

Do they ever post any updates about batch and order status? I placed an order a few weeks ago, but I’m used to Kickstarter-type campaigns where they periodically send out updates about production status. Is there any place to go for updates? I’ve looked on the forums but I don’t see anything…

Can just email in to for updates. As of now 3/2022 is still expected to begin shipping of batch 3. So unless there are changes to the timeline the date will stay the same on the site and will update when more accurate dates are available.

Awesome. Thanks for the response! I’m super excited for my motor and wing to arrive!