Brand New OpenPPG v3.2 for sale -- complete system: SOLD

It is with a heavy heart that I am selling my brand new OpenPPG unit. The reason I am selling is that there are cross country flights that I really want to do that are more than an hour long, and flight time for OpenPPG is 40-50 minutes max (with 8 batteries, depending on wing, weight, weather, flying style, etc.)

As much as I’d like to keep it, I can’t afford two motors.

This unit is in perfect condition. I only flew it 5 times. I bought the prebuilt option so it was built by the OpenPPG team.

I am including 8 batteries, 700 watt charger, Dudek soft links, carabiners, OpenPPG branded Dudek Powerseat Comfort harness, adapters to connect 8 batteries, and a case for the cage pieces for easy transport.

Improvements I made:

  • Added a nylon rod and blue sheath to the controller wire to make it stronger and less likely to slip past the net and into the props.

  • Added eyelets to the sides to more effectively hook the netting.

It’s everything you need to fly immediately other than the glider.

It cost me:

OpenPPG unit with prebuilt option: $3600
OpenPPG branded Dudek Powerseat Comfort harness: $445
8 batteries: $2000 (after shipping)
700 watt charger: $250
Case for cage pieces: $50
Dudek soft links: $25
Carabiners: $45
Adapters for 8 batteries: Time and effort

Total cost I paid: $6,415

I am selling this complete system for $5500 (firm) plus shipping. I am located in Miami.

Send me a private message if you’re interested.

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Saw this on facebook :smiley: Such a thing of beauty. I’d totally buy it but just ordered the batch 4.

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Same here…if I didn’t just purchase a batch 4 also I would have bought this one

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Hi. Could you tell me the size of the harness ?
Do you have any idea about the cost shipping it in Canada (Québec) ?
Thanks for your answer.

Size of the harness is S/M

I’m not sure the shipping cost to Quebec, but there will be two boxes: (motor unit, charger) 2x2x4 feet, weight 30 lbs., And (batteries) 0.5x1x2 feet, weight 45 lbs

It’s the good size for me ! Here’s my email address to continue in private : Let’s see together details for payment and shipping. Thx.

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