Bluetooth Throttle


Messed around with the idea of having a bluetooth throttle last year. I do not know the first thing about electronics but managed to somehow make it work… I also read a few downsides of using one and did not pursue the idea :wink:


Hi Pat, the motor was the HACKER A200-8. Throttle: I forgot where I had found it, but it was for a remote RC car. It had some kind of graphic design on it (see photo). The propeller was the biggest one the motor could handle from BIELA 36x16. The little red switch for the ESC was from HobbyKing and powered by a four AA batteries pack. Six 5000mAh 6S for the motor, XT150 connectors. The frame was titanium/carbon fiber and the mounting motor plate made out of an OXO kitchen vegetable cutting board. I do not have this machine anymore - only kept the frame and cage. The torque was noticeable.


Looks like the Alien Power Systems logo
I like the idea of not having an extra wire to worry about - but I to do not know much about these and there reliability - obvious they are big in the RC world but my understanding is you have to make sure your not using the same frequency as someone else, in their world that is.
Now if there is a Bluetooth version I might be more temped to use that, the range is short which we dont mind and interference at such a short distance is unlikely.


That’s why I did not pursue the idea;-) Someone taking over your motor controls in flight, hahaha…