Battery connector not seated fully

Got all my parts finally. Just now starting assembly I went to add the 3D printed plug grips to my connectors. One had shrink wrap around it which was odd. I cut it off so that it would fit in the grip. Still wouldn’t fit. Took me a bit to notice that the base of the plug isn’t full seated into the top. Assembly wasn’t clean then it was covered with shrink tube.

Any tips on how to seat this thing fully without breaking it? Pushing by hand isn’t working.

Upon further investigation I can see why it wouldn’t seat. Solder in the cups where it’s supposed to slot in. Le sigh. Best quick solution is hack out some of the printed grips so it fits.

You will not be able to push the caps tight in.
I hot glued the top and bottom together. Not pretty but it solved the problem and it is much easier to push and pull the connectors.

Mine seated completely. I had problems with one but did a little whittling and sanding of excess solder and got it to go on.

The problem is that after many push/pulls, the plastic wore off. In my case the fitting with the male and female plugs are super tight and I have to pull really hard in opposite directions to separate them. Eventually one day the cap came off, I guess because I placed more clamping force on it than on the lower section, exposing the terminals with my fingers milimetres away from the positive and negative poles. The hot glue fixed two issues at once. 1 / It secured the cap to the lower section of the plug. 2 / The glue is sort of rubbery but yet very hard and provides a non-slippery surface for the fingers to grab. The thickness of the glue (two beads) helped greatly for a firmer finger grip. It has been working great so far.