Batch 6 throttle compared to Sp140?

Looks like the SP140 throttle design is different than the X4. Anybody have experience with which is better? Seems it would be difficult to take off with the thumb throttle if you didn’t want full power while your turning and running and assessing the wind/wing etc. Since there isn’t a delay in thrust I would assume it’s important to have maybe a way to use only 80% power or something on take off then flip a switch and unleash the full authority! Any way there could be a X4 batch 6 or 7 sent with the SP140 throttle? Anybody look into a program that limits the idle to full throttle response to maybe slower? Just an inquiry.

It’s not really. Like anything it takes a bit of practice, mostly to get used to the sensitivity. I originally trained with the lever style in my right hand (on a 2 stroke). Didn’t find and problems going to the thumb plunger in my left hand after I got used to the sensitivity. I have removed the little cap that was screwed to the plunger so I don’t have to worry about a line catching it as the wing inflates.

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