Audio feedback?

If like to get audio warnings from the controller. It’s it possible at all? I currently don’t wear headphones to fly but it would be cool to get timer countdowns or voltage warnings. Bluetooth?

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There is an internal buzzer but I know that can be hard to hear while flying which is why we also added vibration.
What sort of warnings would you like to be notified about?

Minimum would be a low voltage tone and a timer counter of some type. By ‘audio’ I was thinking something that can be transmitted to headphones or earbuds or a phone app.

Fantasy idea is just to send everything the controller sends to the readout to a phone instead. Release an API and/or build an app. Then I can plug the headphones into my phone and voila, “Low voltage”, “15 minutes”, “Armed”, etc. :slight_smile: text to voice.
Or maybe just text to voice directly into the earbuds when the controller buttons are pressed. I.e. Each ‘screen’ cycle gets vocalized as you press.

Would it be possible to do some kind of motor speed pulse that gives a vibration or series of vibrations? Then no need for extra “stuff”

Yep there has been vibration support the last few versions

Is it in the controller or in the prop motors?

Can it be set to vibrate the controller in low voltage (42) or at a run time (say 10 minutes).

I hope the vibration is not in the prop motors :smiley: If you want that then you should stick with 2 stroke gasoline engines.

Sure, its pretty flexible and easy to change. There is a method that can be called with the vibration sequence that you want here. Its also similar for the built in buzzer

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Have you ever used an ultrasonic toothbrush? That’s the principle I was referring to. It makes a slight adjustment to the motor speed so you hear/feel a kind of “beep”