Are there any instructors willing to travel?


This probably will sound really dumb, but here goes;

Since there are no instructors in my area and the closest instructor is 9-10hrs away.
and since arranging time off work when the weather will be cooperative is difficult +
coordination with the instructors schedule is also a factor.

I am just wondering if there is anyone willing to come to me to give training
and how much it would cost?

I know Captain Crunch travels all over the US if you buy his equipment,
is there anyone who would be willing to travel in Canada?
Thanks in advance


Where are you?
US instructors coming to Canada will be useless - they are not allowed to instruct here unless they have a Canadian certification and I have not heard of one yet.


I live in north central Saskatchewan.

The closest instructor works out of Wetaskiwin AB.

There is a guy about 4 hours away that teaches powered parachute, but knows nothing
about ppg. (or next to nothing)

Legally, I could get trained by him, but I still would have no real training on how to fly a paramotor.

Powered parachutes are similar in some ways, but not really what I need.

In any case, I have to save some money first. I was just wondering about the possibilities.
Thanks for the response.


I may end up having to do what this guy did:


Look up Eric Dufour from Paratour - They have two locations, Florida and Canada I believe
Good luck !


I would love to take training from Eric Dufour, but I think he teaches in
Quebec which is even further away.

Thanks anyway for the suggestion.


Ya i think in Canada they say PPG requires a licence but they dont enforce it and have never charged anyone and wont go to the courts to clarify it. Its a bit confusing but i wouldn’t worry about driving far to file paperwork for a license @thankful .


You got that right - I have heard of a few things - people flying with out a permit one guy now 3 yrs on a student permit and 500hrs logged. Another guy 3 offences in breeches of air space and still never charged or fined. I am going to play in the sand box in a safe legal way like my mommy told me to.


So if I apply to be a student somewhere I’m good to go?
Even if I never finish the course?

How do I get a student permit? I thought a legalized instructor would
have to sign off on it.

Here’s what I was thinking; if I got training somewhere in the US and then worry about
Canadian legalities after the fact. At least I’d learn how to fly.


Yes you could - and that is fine with me, not that I matter.