AHHHRGHH (I am so fed up!)


What’s missing here?

That’s right, it’s the cord from the flash starter.
My 2 stroke motor would not start yesterday evening. Perfect wheather, perfect wind conditions, wing layed out perfectly. I was all ready to take off, but the damn thing would not start.
I pulled a few times, and then the damn thing broke!!!

At least I know more about electronics, than I do know about these two stroke engines. The bad thing is, it’ll probably be a long while until I have the OpenPPG, as batch3 isn’t even open for orders yet. :frowning:


You need to post this in the “Not getting into the air” forum :grin:
You might see if you can get motors and ESCs and start doing bench testing of your battery even if you don’t have a frame yet.


Yep - I just got my “first flight” last Sun - sweet! - but lots of two motor issues - couldn’t start it and now the F’ing thing is leaking oil - trying to source new gaskets.

I would rather get up every time for 20min then to be second guessing every time if I am going to get up at all and then also worrying about a motor out !

Electric is now on my list. I am looking here and at the G-Air Eone


Electric isn’t perfect either. For what it’s worth I had an engine out last night, down wind, low to the ground. A decent little crash - nothing seriously damaged (including me). Still trying to track down the issue - motors just quite, controller seemed to still be alive. Will keep you guys posted so no one has a repeat issue


Glad your ok
Very interesting!
Yes I’m very aware E is not perfect - but far better - I bet it will be easier and cheaper to fix. :slight_smile: My background is in electronics, not supd up lawn mower engines, so easier and more pleasurable to fix - no greasy/oily parts to deal with.
I plan to have extra parts on hand - motor , ESC - so down time minimal when the rare failure happens.
Cheers, Patrick


Yes, glad you’re ok!

I am back in the air as well, have been flying twice so far after I repaired the pull starter string.
However I really hate to fiddle with the two stroke at first startup.
Yesterday, engine was warmed up, pulled up the wing facing it, with a little bit of wind, turned around nicely to then lift off … bamm - engine died. I had to fix it after the carburetor settings (high/low mixture) were changed, by increasing the idle speed a bit. At least after one year of experience I start to know the system a bit better. also, after it is running, and I am in the air, the two stroke seems to be reliable.

I was in the air for 2 hours (at least, that’s positive about the combustion engines, they have much more autonomy)

But I agree, with electric systems, you can simply take a Fluke Multimeter and measure things, and fix things using a soldering iron.

I am in no way an expert, but I feel more comfortable with electric things than with combustion engines. I am waiting for Paul to accepting orders for batch 3, and I will be in.


Just in case you’re still after your bad engine…
A problem that has become very common now is modern gas damaging small carburetors. This is due to the small quantities of the more corrosive « Ethanol » that have been added to it. Then the engine won’t start with no obvious reason. You may want to check if your carburetor does not leak any fuel or if it does not return all of it to the fuel tank.
If it is the case, the repair is really easy : you just need to replace the damaged rubber membrane inside which can be found for less than $1 in China ^^
Hope this helps !


The engine (and carburator) is barely one year old,
but you’re right, what you are describing, seems to be exactly the problem I am having.

There is a little button on the carburetor, connected directly with the rubber membrane (I think they call it diaphragm) that I have to push and jiggle a couple of times, before gasoline actually seems to flow through. It does work, but of course not sure how much longer it will.

Thanks a million for this hint, I will identify which Walbro Carburetor I have, and then go and buy a new membrane/diaphragm…