4 kWH battery TRADED. Thanks

I have a 4 kWh battery that I haven’t used. Charged one time. I only use the 2 kWh battery and would love to find another.

Selling for $1500 obo or trade for a 2 kWh battery. Shipping would be determined on location. I’m in SE Virginia.


Does this have the new “smart BMS”? What batch did this battery originally ship with? At what state of charge is it now and how long has it been sitting at this state of charge? Just estimate if you could.

I have a nearly brand new 2kw battery, shipped July 20th, with new smart BMS. I would consider to trade with you. ( 7 partial cycles according to BMS)

Im located in Eastern NC. I am headed to Soar the Shore on Sept 23rd-25th, over by VA beach.

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Shipped in Dec 21 so no BMS. One full charge then stored at 70% since.

Meet up would work for me.


I’ll let you know as I’m headed up that way!

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Perfect. Thanks!

Is this still available?


Yes. Still have it.

@Pdwhite @zjwhitehead Can this older battery be retrofitted with the latest BMS?


Yes, but you would likely have to do it yourself and it would require good soldering skills to do a quality replacement of the high amperage wire.

Traded. Thanks to all.