4 holes prop on SP140?

Hi all,

This might be a stupid question, but I just want to know if it’s possible to mount a 4 holes prop on the SP140.

I have 2 props that were used on an Air conception Hybrid 130 and I was wondering if I could use them on the SP140. Since I don’t have the unit yet and I see there are different holes on the motor plate, does anyone have tried it so far?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Hugues,

No that won’t work without an adapter.

The mounting pattern on the MAD M50 is 6* M6 dia 50mm. It is the same pattern as the Air Conception Nitro and Tornado engines use, but the pitch of the SP140 E-Prop is closer to the Tornado than the Nitro.
Even if could fit the prop of the Hybrid 130 on the motor it would not be well suited and you will loose efficiency.

MAD M50 Center
The center piece of the M50 looks like you could use 4 M3 screws and there is even a screw thread. But I doubt that this little mounting would be able to handle the torque.

The default props of the SP140 weight 575g (2-Blade) and 860g (3-Blade). You need a proper mounting when you pull full throttle. In contrast to most ICE engines the power delivery is rather instant.

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That’s what I thought! Thanks for your opinion!

My goal was only to do my first 2-3 flights with the SP140 with a smaller prop. Since the one I have is 120cm long, the power would be less, helping me to be more confident with the new paramotor at the beginning. And if ever I broke a prop, I would have some backup :slight_smile:

When it comes to getting used to the engine power you can chose the “chill mode” to start with. That will limit you maximum power to around 50% and smoothen the throttle response.
I did my first flight in “chill mode” as well, but have not use it ever since.

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You could still do it if you really wanted. Electric motors tend to be pretty forgiving of propeller choice. For example, in the camera drone world, they tend to slightly under-prop the motors to keep them running cool and maintain a high reliability. I also build high-endurance drones where we significantly over-prop the motor, but limit the throttle or battery voltage.

If you do run the 120cm prop, you will notice a significant drop in thrust and efficiency, but you could still do it.

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Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: