29m Revo 3. $650

29m Revo 3. Circa 2018.
Original owner. One repair. I flew
It last year but has not been inspected.

Please clarify. You flew the repaired wing, even though it was not inspected? Who did the repair? Did you note any performance difference for the repaired wing from its original state, any greater difficulty launching?

It has been inspected since the repair and I have flown it since. After the repair, it flew the same as before the repair. The repair was professionally done by Timothy Elverston of Windfire Designs in Florida. I can post a pic of the repair if you wish.

If you are in Western Washington, you are free to inspect the wing yourself.

Here is the link for Windfire Designs.

Here is a pic of me flying it.
Screenshot_20210525-084442_Video Player

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